Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Year So Far...

This year has been pretty insane for us so far. I honestly have not had a moment to blog about anything since our “zoo” year’s eve party.  
Since I know catching up for the last 6 months is going to be quite difficult, 
I’m going to try to get a lot of it into one post.  
Deep breath... Here we go...
In January I started my last semester of my bachelor’s degree. 
I took 21 credits and took a lot of difficult and time consuming upper division courses. 
We decided that I should quit my job (2 ½ years of real estate), 
so I could focus on school and reduce my stress level. 
I discovered that my stress level will always be high no matter what.

Josh had a very demanding schedule this semester as well. 
He left at 8am each day and would come home at 8pm most nights with no breaks other than lunch, which we spent together nearly every single day of the semester. 
Josh’s charm and tech skills gained him the position of teacher’s pet in all his classes,
 as well as favor with many of the Dixie faculty and staff that he helped while on and off the clock. He is so good at what he does. 

In January my friend Gabriela married Josh’s friend Steve in the Manti Temple. 
It was such an honor to be able to attend. 
The Manti Temple is gorgeous and so was the bride.

We have had some really fun group dates with our friends. 

I have also had a great time just being married to Josh and going on weekly dates with him, whether we stay in or go out. 
There is no time I look forward to more than the time I spend with him.

This year our only real snow action this year was tubing in January with Josh’s sisters Cari and Shandi. We had some fun rides and wipeouts at “cheese park.”

A little fun fact for you: Josh’s Mom, Krista, and my Mom, Corri, 
both have the same birthday on January 19th.  
This year we took them both out to dinner on different nights. 
The first year we dated we had a combined birthday party for them. 
It was the first time they all met each other. 
Good thing we lasted! 
Josh’s little brother, Levi, calls my family their cousins.  
The girls all call each other sisters.  
We all have a good time when we are together!

On Valentines Day this year, Josh brought me roses at school and bought me a house! 
It is a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath and is located in St. George near Barefoot Gymnastics. 
The location has been great and 
it’s been huge size difference from our tiny, yet cute, casita.

New House =  Room to Breathe
Old Casita = One Room 
That morning we had a gourmet crepe breakfast at my family's house. 
We also went out to Pasta Factory for dinner with my parents. 
What an honor to spend Valentines day with my mom on her favorite holiday. 

We had an amazing Spring break! 
Josh and I hung out in town, did some home improvement projects and art projects, and went on a family getaway to Zion. 
We hiked, relaxed, and partied. 

Josh turned 22 and landed a great new job!

Max got his mission call to Russia!

Emily won her solo dance competition as well as group nationals with the Vault. 
She is only 11 and dances with a team much older than her,
 and all proceeds for their shows go to support a cause 
(this year is Mighty Meg who has cancer). 
Emily amazes me!

My dad finished his “Phil Younger” CD!  
He has a free album release show this Thursday night at 7pm at 
Ancestor Square in St. George.
Come if you can! 

We finally graduated from college! 
I got my Bachelor's Degree in Art and Visual Technologies. 
Josh got his Associate's in Business. 
My parents gave me a sewing machine for graduation and I am way excited about it!


We went to Cali for our 1-year anniversary (more later on that)!

So far, so good! I love summer, and I love my man! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy "Zoo" Year

It was new years eve and we were feeling a little blue. 
No party invites. No fun plans. What were we to do? 
(Ok, the rhyming here is unintentional and will stop now) 

So my sisters, mom, and I decided to throw ourselves a "zoo" years bash. 
We quickly rounded up all the animal themed costumes, 
toys, food, and plants we could find in our house. 

After dinner we watched "Zoo Keeper" for the first time.
I think that is where the zoo-themed idea came from.  

We made the cutest snake sandwich for dinner. 
The tongue was the best part. 

My mom has a billion silk plants that set the perfect scene for our zoo year party.
We had candles glowing in the bushes and plastic animal toys decorating the room.

We had a fun time in our goofy animal costumes. 
Dad was a gorilla, Mandy and I were zebras, Josh was a tiger, 
Mom was a bunny, and Emily was a huntress. 

The gorilla stole the show!
He was making funny animal jokes up all night long.

Even though it is already March,
 I hope you have a happy "zoo" year, too!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mandy's 17th Birthday!

My awesome little sister Mandy had an super fun birthday! 
We partied all day long and had three of her favorite meals. 
We had crepes for breakfast which where so divine! 

Then I had a big surprise for her, 
a pastel drawing I had spent the previous day on for her.
 She loves hair, like so much, 
so I had a lot of fun with it using her favorite colors. 
She was so surprised and she loved it. 

For lunch we went to pasta factory (yum! my fave). 
Mandy's birthday is my new favorite holiday, 
because we all get spoiled and I love my sister(ever)!

For dinner, in honor of Mandy's love for Mexico, we had fajitas. 
Yep, it was quite the party day. 

So far Mandy has had quite the year, too. 
She got her first job at Brick Oven, 
and because of that she got her first car.
A black Acura TL. 
(She must be trying to be like her big sis or something.)

I have the best little sisters (ever) in the world! 
I love them so much!

Happy 17 Mandy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Christmas Down South

Way down South in Southern Utah... we had a wonderful Christmas. We had our fancy and fun Christmas eve dinner, and after that we played "reindeer games." We slept over at my family's house (least comfortable night of my life... ever. Dang hide-a-bed.), and woke up early for present opening. We went to Church where I sang "Baby in a Manger" with my mom and sisters. We played some fun games in the evening with the whole family together. 

My mom always decorates the tree so beautifully with all white decorations, some of which are fruit. It is made to symbolize the tree of life. It helps us remember what Christmas is all about, Jesus Christ. 

The morning after Christmas we all got together again to go shooting. The weather was great! I wonder why I ever dreamed of a white Christmas as a child. Blue skies are way better.

On my very first shot, I nailed the clay pigeon using our new shot gun.  Josh was pretty proud of me. I think my big brother Alex was even impressed. The best part was that I didn't even get a bruise because I wore a puffy coat. 

Check out this great shot I got of Josh nailing the can of pop. Making things explode is so much fun to watch.